DVLA Changes Tax Disc Rules for Brand New Cars

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is to change the way tax discs are issued for brand new cars. Under the current system when you collect a brand new car from a supplying dealer it is comes complete with the disc already on display in the windscreen. New Rules which come into force from the 22nd of July 2013 will see tax discs for brand new cars, or cars being registered for the first time, being issued direct by DVLA Swansea.

There are lots of ongoing system and procedural changes happening within DVLA right now. Many of these changes are taking place in readiness for the planned closure of all DVLA Local Offices previously announced in July 2012. By the end of 2013 all 39 DVLA Local Offices will have closed for business. As motor traders and car retailers will no longer be able to collect batches of blank discs from their nearest DVLA Office, it has been decided that the discs will be posted direct to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

New Car hand-over
You may not have received your tax disc from DVLA before your new car is ready for collection, however you will be able to drive legally for up to 14 days from the date of first registration without displaying a tax disc.

If you have not received your tax disc or associated vehicle documents after 14 days please contact DVLA Swansea on 0300 790 6802. DVLA has produced a leaflet outlining the changes which should be available in new car showrooms very soon.

These changes do not affect the way existing cars are taxed; you can continue to pay your road fund licence and collect your tax disc at main Post Offices, or apply online using the DVLA website. A consultation is currently underway which may see tax discs scrapped altogether; you can read more about this development in the article: The end of the road for the paper tax disc.

The official leaflet issued by DVLA; ‘Registering New Vehicles – Information for the General Public’ can be viewed by clicking on the image below:

Registering New Vehicles DVLA

To read the official announcement on the GOV.UK website, please click on: new rules when renewing your tax disc. If you have any questions or comments about these changes please leave a reply using the form below.

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2 comments to DVLA Changes Tax Disc Rules for Brand New Cars

  • Hi Joan, As a number plate dealer the closure of DVLA Local Offices is not good news for my company so I share your frustration. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the Motability Scheme and whether or not the tax disc situation is affecting the delivery of your car. May I suggest you contact Motability for further advice.

  • Mrs J B Chislett

    Will someone please explain to me the reason for these changes. It all seems to make it very difficult to register a new car, and how does it work for a Motability car. All my registration documentation is held by Motability and my tax disc comes from there. My new motability car has been delivered to my retailer but I am told documentation has not been received and so I cannot collect the car. I have been waiting for delivery of this car since the end of April and am would like to know how much time this change is going to add to my wait.

    Closing local offices is putting local people out of work and adding to the work load of the Swansea office. I would have thought that a Government Department should not be making people jobless.

    Joan Chislett

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