Personalised Number Plate – 9 SMJ

9 SMJ continues the profiles of personalised number plates for sale from our stock.

The SMJ combination was originally issued in Luton, Bedfordshire. SMJ 1 was issued in 1957 and the numerical sequence continued all the way through to SMJ 999. Incidentally SMJ 1 is currently being advertised for sale at a cool £35,000.

This personalised number plate would be great for Simon M Jordan or Sarah M Jones. Many people prefer just their first and last initials when choosing a personalised plate, however the SJ combination is so popular so you will seldom find a two-digit SJ number plate being offered for sale at less than ten thousand pounds. For this reason it is sometimes worth including your middle initial when searching for a personalised registration to get a more affordable range of options.

9 SMJ personalised number plate



The personalised registration 9 SMJ is available direct from Simply Registrations on a first-come, first-served basis at £5,600 plus VAT & the DVLA transfer fee of £80.

Call James today on 0113 288 7553 if you feel 9 SMJ may be exactly what is required to add the finishing touch to your car. We are here seven days a week, ready and waiting to talk to you about any of the private number plates featured on the website.