Simply Registrations – Private Number Plates Dealer in Leeds

Simply Registrations is a private number plates dealer in Leeds. We are a private company completely independent from the DVLA; we buy and sell personalised car registrations.


UPDATE: The DVLA Leeds Local Office closed for business on Friday 13th December 2013. Judging by the number of telephone calls we get on a weekly basis, it seems not everyone knows yet.

Useful DVLA telephone numbers:

Driving licence enquiries – 0300 790 6801

Vehicle enquiries – 0300 790 6802

Helpful advice – Click on the links below if you are looking to:

Transfer or retain your personalised registration plate

Sell a private number plate

Prevent your car numbers plates being stolen

Find out about the DVLA fees associated with owning a personalised number plate

Buy a set of front & rear number plates for your car

55 thoughts on “Simply Registrations – Private Number Plates Dealer in Leeds

  1. James Saperia Post author

    Hello Jayne, Yes you can put your registration onto your new car and tax it at the same time at the DVLA Local Office in Leeds. Remember to take your motor insurance certificate or temporary cover note with you along with the cars MOT certificate (if it requires one).

  2. Adrian

    hi james

    i bought a car on thursday (28th nov) and part ex my old car to which it still has my private reg on. the garage has sent the log book off and i dont have any of this log book. can he sell my old car with my reg on? and do i need the log book to transfer my old reg to my new car? also how does the garage register for a new reg for my old car?

    im very confused please help.


  3. James Saperia Post author

    Hi Adrian, You say ‘the garage has sent the log book off’. You need to ask why they have sent your log book off. The usual procedure when you are changing cars is to transfer your private reg from your old car to your new car. This involves completing a DVLA form called a V317 and costs £80. The application is submitted to your nearest DVLA Local Office (not DVLA Swansea). As part of the application DVLA will give your old car an age-related registration as a replacement for the private plate you will be transferring to your new car. Remember it is your responsibility to notify DVLA that you are no longer the keeper of the old car (after the plate transfer is sorted).

  4. William

    Hello James
    I am sure you will have answered these questions many times before.I have bought another car today and will be taxed now with its own reg. My car shows my cherished number.The garage says they can organise the transfer for £80 which will take 2/3 weeks. I am passing over the V5C tomorrow.Can the garage arrange my private plate number without any paperwork from me giving permission. I am going to receive the new car in the meantime until my private plates are approved.

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