Simply Registrations – Private Number Plates Dealer in Leeds

Simply Registrations is a private number plates dealer in Leeds. We are a private company completely independent from the DVLA; we buy and sell personalised car registrations.


UPDATE: The DVLA Leeds Local Office closed for business on Friday 13th December 2013. Judging by the number of telephone calls we get on a weekly basis, it seems not everyone knows yet.

Useful DVLA telephone numbers:

Driving licence enquiries – 0300 790 6801

Vehicle enquiries – 0300 790 6802

Helpful advice – Click on the links below if you are looking to:

Transfer or retain your personalised registration plate

Sell a private number plate

Prevent your car numbers plates being stolen

Find out about the DVLA fees associated with owning a personalised number plate

Buy a set of front & rear number plates for your car

55 thoughts on “Simply Registrations – Private Number Plates Dealer in Leeds


    Hello, I want to re-tax my car. I currently have disabled tax but I want to re-tax for sale of car. How do I do this & can I do it directly at my local DVLA tax office at Colton Leeds? Thank you, ALAN

  2. jillian wood

    my car needs taxing unfortunately I had my handbag stolen at the weekend with my renewal form in. I cannot find my log book. What can I do ?

  3. James Saperia Post author

    Hi Jillian, Sorry to hear about your handbag getting stolen. You can still tax your car if you go along to the DVLA Local Office. Take your certificate of motor insurance, MOT certificate (if the car is three years old or more) and the payment for your new tax disc. You may have to complete a form called a V62 which the staff can help you with. If you require a replacement V5C log-book there is a £25 charge. Hope this helps, James

  4. sam mitchell

    hello,i need advice about;iv just exchanged my car and done all the requirements,but i need to tax my new car,but iv put my name on the green slip,and now have decided to share the car with my mother as she will be driving it more than me,so i just need to erase my name on the green slip and put hers on it instead,is this possible or would i have to go to dvla n they give me a new green slip,so we can tax the car.

  5. James Saperia Post author

    Hi Sam, I suggest you take the green slip, MOT and insurance certificate to the DVLA Local Office in Colton, Leeds and explained what has happened.

  6. Yahyaa Suleman

    Hi is the office open outside the office hours? Maybe even on the weekend as I work mon-fri 9am – 5pm.

  7. Simon

    Hello I have sold my car but it has private plate on it am I able to put it on retention at office instead of sending through royal mail because scared I might lose sale please help!

  8. James Saperia Post author

    Hello Simon, I would definitely recommend you go in person with your documents to the DVLA Local Office. Do you know you can now retain your private number plate at the same time as changing the keeper on your car? It is important to put your own name and address in the Grantee section on the DVLA form V317. Go along to the DVLA Local Office with all the documents once you have received full payment for the sale of your car. The staff will help you and explain exactly what you need to do.

  9. Ross

    My tax disc is due today, I can’t find the log book (Post office very polite but can’t let me have disc without the log book, suggested I visit DVLA office)I have just been to the DVLA office (or where it used to be) with all other documents but you evidently moved some time ago. What can I do?!
    Can I buy one directly from you? Where are you? What time are you open until?
    Help please

  10. James Saperia Post author

    Hello Ross, Just to clarify this is the Simply Registrations Blog. We are personalised number plate dealers near Leeds, not the DVLA. I am happy to advise you however in relation to your questions. You can tax your car at the DVLA Leeds Local Office if the vehicle is showing registered to you on the DVLA records. If you are the registered keeper of the vehicle you should have received a tax reminder through the post. This can be used rather than having to produce your V5C log book. The telephone number, address and opening times of the DVA Leeds Local Office are shown in the original post at the top of this page. Hope you manage to get everything sorted.

  11. Ross

    Thank you
    I didn’t receive a reminder which makes me think there may be an issue, I’ll just have to see where it’s broken down!Think the previous owner may not have sent details on
    Thanks again

  12. helen jowitt

    have received private plate documents, what do i do to transfer the reg, can it be done at local dvla office. thanks

  13. James Saperia Post author

    Hello Helen, I assume the private plate document you are referring to is either a V750 Certificate of Entitlement or a V778 Retention Document. If so, take it along with your vehicle documents (V5C Registration Certificate, MOT, copy of tax disc) to the DVLA Local Office where the transfer can be completed.

    At Simply Registrations we handle the entire transfer on behalf of our clients. Everything is completed free of charge for anyone who buys a private number plate from us. Give me a call on 01924 823781 if you need any further advice.

  14. Lynne

    My partner is in hospital, and unfortunately after taking his post to the hospital for him to open his tax disc has been thrown away in error. What happens if I cannot find the log book? I have all the other documentation. Can I get a temporary one until he comes out of hospital? which could be another 2 weeks yet as I need the car to visit him

  15. Nick

    Hi, I am buying my mothers car and also want to put a private reg which I will have on a retention certificate on to the car. Can I do both the transfer of the car and the change of registration at the same time at the Leeds DVLA. Also, do we have to attend in person or can me wife take in the documents?

  16. James Saperia Post author

    Hello Nick, The transfer and the change of keeper can be done at the same time. You don’t have to go in person, your wife can take the documents to the DVLA Local Office on your behalf.

  17. mark

    How to transfer plate (to retention) from written off car when log book is lost.Technically I no longer “own” the car. Is it best to transfer directly to another car or put it on retention?

  18. James Saperia Post author

    Hello Mark, This could be a non-starter as you need to have the V5C (logbook) to be able to either transfer or retain a vehicle registration. I would suggest you contact your nearest DVLA Local Office for advice.



  20. James Saperia Post author

    Hello Dave, I suggest you call the DVLA Vehicle Enquiries Helpline on 0300 790 6802. You should definitely have received the paperwork by now. Just in case you are not aware, this is not the actual DVLA website.

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