We Buy Private Number Plates

I haven’t previously felt the need to publicise the fact that we buy private number plates for stock. In the early days of Simply Registrations we used to receive more enquiries from people selling personalised registrations than those wanting to buy them. However, we are currently eager for some good stock and want to make it known.

We are interested in hearing about any dateless (pre-1963) registrations such as:

165 DAN, SAM 572, 17 AJS, JJC 780.

We are keen buyers of short, dateless registrations with as few characters as possible. Please get in touch straight away if you have a private plate that you are looking to sell similar to:

CJ 7, 16 JH, 7 MG, 3 SDA, RB 17.


offering cash to buy number plates


When I mention buying plates for stock, people sometimes confuse it with selling registrations on a commission basis. Buying for stock means you receive payment straight away. We are using our company money to pay you (usually within a matter of days) for a registration you own the rights to. We are not offering to advertise your personalised registration in the hope of finding a buyer at some stage in the future.


We have a very strict buying policy at Simply Registrations. We don’t buy prefix registrations such as: A15 GDT, B7 GUM, S7 RHS.

We also don’t buy current-style registrations similar to: RO13 UST, WE51 ONE, FR11 NGE.

If you have a prefix or current-style plate you may want to read this blog post advising how to sell a private number plate.

Get in touch using which ever method suits you best; contact Simply Registrations.

About James Saperia

Successfully helping British motorists acquire their ideal personalised number plates for over fifteen years, James Saperia is the Managing Director and founder of Simply Registrations. The company is situated between Leeds and Wakefield and serves motorists all over the United Kingdom. Have a quick look at some of the cherished registrations available for sale, there could be one that is perfect for you. Follow James on Twitter and Google+.

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