DVLA Personalised Registrations Telesales Lines to Close

The DVLA has announced the closure of its telesales operation. The move follows the fall in demand for the telephone based sales service since the introduction of the online purchasing facility.

Up until the end of this week if you want to buy a DVLA personalised registration you can call the sales line and speak to an advisor. The advisor can assist you in completing your purchase, take payment by card, or hold a registration until your payment by cheque arrives. Starting from Monday 1st November you will only be able to buy direct from DVLA using the online purchasing method. The payment by cheque facility will also be discontinued.

If you prefer to speak to a human being when buying a DVLA registration, several of the independent number plate dealers will be happy to help. Most independent number plate dealers offer DVLA personalised registrations for sale and some will even handle the transfer for you. The handling of the transfer is something that the DVLA has never offered. DVLA simply posts out the V750 Certificate of Entitlement to the purchaser.

Naturally you will pay a small premium for the added service offered by the independent number plate dealer. Your decision comes down to what level of service you require. You can buy online, direct from the DVLA Personalised Registrations website and get the best possible price. Or you can use the services of one of the Cherished Number Dealers, speak to a friendly sales advisor and have the paperwork handled on your behalf.