How to Buy a Set of Front & Rear Number Plates

Today we are focusing on how to buy a set of front and rear number plates. A few years ago it was possible to walk into a motor accessories shop and simply request a set of number plates. The rules were tightened to prevent people obtaining number plates which they had no right to display. Often these ‘false’ registrations were linked to criminal number plates

In order to purchase a set of number plates from a reputable supplier registered with the DVLA, you must provide both proof of your identity and proof that you are entitled to the actual number plates. It is necessary to provide at least one document from each list.


The following list details acceptable original documents which must be produced to first of all prove your identity:

Driving Licence
Recent Utility Bill
Recent Bank/Building Society Statement

The following list details acceptable original documents which must be produced to prove your entitlement to the actual registration on the number plates:

V5C Vehicle Registration Certificate (log book)
Authorisation letter from lease or hire company quoting Document Reference Number from the V5C

Where to buy your new set of number plates

You can buy your number plates from the parts department of your local motor dealership, or from any reputable car parts and accessories supplier. All legal number plates must display the name of the company who actually made the number plates up, plus the post code part of their address.

The GOV.UK website contains further information in relation to getting number plates made up.

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  1. James Saperia
    James Saperia says:

    Hi Malcolm, We are told by the government we must buy number plates from a registered number plate supplier. Whether you are actually breaking the law, or not, by purchasing ‘road legal’ number plates from an online supplier without showing entitlement or identity documents, I do not know. I suppose only a solicitor with expert knowledge would be prepared to answer that one.

  2. Malcolm
    Malcolm says:

    I note that there are several web-based companies that sell both “Show” plates (for off-road use) and “Road Legal” plates. If the company is not registered with the DVLA is it still okay to use these “Road Legal” plates on the road without having shown proof of identity and entitlement assuming that the plates are actually made to the correct measurements/specifications?

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