New Office Address & Telephone Number for Simply Registrations

May I take this opportunity to apologise to you if you have unsuccessfully tried to contact Simply Registrations over the past couple of weeks. There are times in our lives when a combination of events results in things not quite going to plan. The previous fourteen days definitely threw up a few challenges. We have moved house and as I work from home that means a new office address and telephone number for Simply Registrations.

Our new home is less than a mile away from where we used to live, but significantly we are now covered by the Leeds telephone exchange, rather than the Wakefield exchange. This means a new telephone number for Simply Registrations – 0113 288 7553.

The plan was that anyone dialling the old number would hear a recorded message advising them of our new telephone number. Unfortunately our telecoms provider (BT) messed things up in a big way and the old telephone number was unexpectedly disconnected before the new line was active. I won’t go into the problems caused by not having a telephone line or internet connection, but as I am sure you can imagine it really has been a challenging couple of weeks.

The good news is things are now back to normal and we are open for business. We are working through the website to remove any references to the old address and telephone number. If you did ring over the past couple of weeks and were greeted by an unobtainable tone, I am genuinely sorry. We have always promised a professional and efficient number plate buying experience which extends to being able to contact us by telephone. I trusted BT with our house moving order and have learned from my mistake.

We still have a fantastic selection of quality car registrations for sale at very competitive prices. As I have learned recently not everything comes down to price; sometimes the level of service is much more important. I am certain you will not find a better service anywhere else when it comes to acquiring a personalised number plate. You can speak to me direct on 0113 288 7553 to discuss any of the private number plates we are offering for sale.
James Saperia, Director – Simply Registrations Ltd.