New Personalised Registrations Browse Feature

We are always looking for ways to improve the website. When you search for a personalised registration on some websites, you are presented with close matches or similar registrations to what you searched for. Our research suggests that someone looking for a ‘SLC’ plate is not interested in seeing ‘SIL’ registrations. For that reason, if you search for a ‘SLC’ registration with us, you will only see ‘SLC’ registrations in the results.

We often receive enquiries from motorists who would like private number plates for their cars, but they do not know exactly what combination they are looking for. “My name is Alistair Jones so let me know of anything that you think is suitable” would be a typical example.

You used to be able to browse all of the personalised registrations on the Simply Registrations website from ‘A’ all the way through to ‘Z’. It worked fine for Alan who was interested in registrations beginning with ‘A’, but it was a pain for Simon who had to go through lots of pages of unrelated registrations until he eventually got to see the ‘S’ registrations. It was badly designed and probably led to a lot of our website visitors searching elsewhere for their ideal number plates.

The feedback we were getting suggested a new browse feature was required. Simon wants to be able to view all of the ‘S’ registrations and in the fastest possible time. So it is with great pleasure we present to you, the new personalised registrations browse feature.

Browse personalised registrations screenshot

The newly designed ‘Browse all Registrations’ page, enables you to head directly to the results you want to see. Just click on the appropriate alphabetical letter for your name. No more sifting through pages of unrelated personalised plates which have no relevance to you.

Of course we have retained the original search facility, so anyone looking for a specific registration can still see exact-matches. You just have to decide which of the two features suits you best. Are you a ‘browser’ looking for inspiration, or are you a ‘specific searcher’ who knows exactly what you want?

Give the new ‘Browse all Registrations’ page a try and let us know what you think. We always listen to ideas or suggestions which may improve the website. Our goal is simple; we want to make it as easy as possible for you to choose your new personalised registration and help you add the finishing touch to your car.