Private Number Plates – Because I Can

I had an interesting chat with a client last week. He has a philosophy that you get from life what you expect of it. His business is doing really well at the moment because as he says, he expects it to be doing well.

There is a lot of doom and gloom out there at the moment. Tales of woe are dominating conversations in pubs, at family gatherings and anywhere you care to look for them. My client said he decided to buy a private number plate, not so much because he wanted it, but just to let everyone know that he could afford to buy one!

man with cash to buy private number plates

He went on to explain that more fortunes are made in bad economic times, than in good times. He insists all his employees are upbeat and positive which contributes to his dealership selling lots more cars than any other car showroom in the area.

I am really glad he made the decision to treat his car to a new look as it contributed to Simply Registrations having a fantastic month. During May the registrations TOY 350 and 9 CAG left our own stock portfolio. Deposits have also been taken against 97 GC, 92 GG and 6 ASK.

The precedent has been set; if your business is flourishing in these perceived tough times, buy yourself a private or personalised number plate. Even if you don’t really want one, it is the best way of letting your friends, neighbours and relatives know that money just isn’t an issue for you.