SW 1 and 1 SW pair of cherished number plates sold at auction

Two highly desirable personalised number plates SW 1 and 1 SW have sold for over £300,000 (including commission and VAT) at the COYS True Greats car auction in Westminster. Bidding was fierce for the plates which had caused huge interest when they were first listed for the auction.

SW 1 and 1 SW personalised number plates

Nick Wells, Senior Auction Director at Coys said: “Number plates like these are always of interest to collectors but there was massive interest in these because of the area of London that they are associated with”. He added: “The fact that they were sold at SW 1 was an added bonus.”

Some industry observers had predicted the total figure paid could have been as high as £500,000. The top price achieved for a similar format personalised registration at a DVLA auction is just over £250,000 (including commission and VAT) for 1 RH in November 2008.