Do Private Number Plates Make Good Gifts?

It is often said we give gifts that we would (subconsciously) like to receive. While this statement may be true, it does not necessarily mean that our loved ones are going to enjoy receiving the gifts that we secretly desire.

Many years of buying and selling private number plates has taught me the majority of female car owners in Great Britain do not hope for a shiny set of personalised number plates to unwrap. Experience suggests shoes, handbags and perfume are the gifts most ladies would prefer to receive.

shoes handbag

You may think I am shooting myself in the foot by making such a statement, but I do not feel I have anything to lose by letting you in on this industry secret. Most of the excited husbands and boyfriends that I speak to will go ahead and buy personalised number plates for their respective wives and girlfriends anyway. They confidently reassure me, saying something along the lines of  “My wife is different, she will be really pleased, I promise you”.

I first became aware of the fact that most ladies do not get excited about car number plates when I went along to a local Chamber of Commerce networking event and got chatting to a local businesswoman. After I introduced myself this particular lady told me her husband had bought her a personalised registration for a ‘special’ birthday. She said it was possibly the worst present she has ever received. Lots of other ladies have shared similar stories with me over the years.

This knowledge is also backed up by my own experiences of dealing with gentlemen who are on the verge of buying private number plates for themselves. The transaction is discussed in great detail and all the finer points are agreed. The potential client then states he is just going to discuss it with his wife before paying the deposit. At this point my heart sinks, as I know (if he bothers to ring back) he will tell me his wife would rather spend the money on a new fitted kitchen, a new bathroom or even a boob job. Unfortunately most ladies do not get excited about personalised number plates.

5 JET number plate

So to answer the question; do private number plates make good gifts? I suppose it depends who you are buying for. If you choose wisely and buy at the right price you may end up with a great investment. If you are buying for the special lady in your life then all the logical reasons in the world are not going to convince her that it is a fantastic gift to receive. My advice would be to forget the number plates and go with the shoes, handbag or perfume option.

If the reason you are thinking about buying private number plates is because you secretly want them for your own car, then please go ahead and treat yourself. We have a fantastic selection of quality personalised registrations for sale at Simply Registrations. My only request is that you don’t ask your wife what she thinks, before making your purchase.

Struggling for Gift Ideas?

The festive season is upon us once again. It is time to decide who gets what as we select presents for our nearest and dearest and for those relatives that we only see once a year. The secret is to try and choose gifts which will really be appreciated, rather than opting for socks, novelty golf items or anything which could end being donated to the local charity shop in January.

Let’s forget about the distant relatives for the time being and focus on our nearest and dearest. What do you buy for the person who already has everything they want? Well, not everything, but I am sure there is someone in your family who falls into this category.

Well, what if there was a gift that would provide pleasure just by looking at it every day. A gift that would at worst hold its value, but possibly increase in value over time. A fantastic gift that would last for many years, without ever looking tired or worn. Have you worked out what it is yet?

Number plates as giftsA private number plate of course!

Okay, it is possibly not suitable for everyone, but a lot of people will receive a truly unique gift this Christmas. One lucky husband explained how it felt when he saw his new number plates (a special birthday present from his wife and daughters) displayed on his treasured 7 Series BMW for the first time.

“It was like that new car feeling, without buying the new car!”

We are definitely noticing a new trend here at Simply Registrations. Husbands are buying for their wives, sons are buying for their fathers and parents are buying personalised registrations for their young children as future investments.

There is also nothing wrong with buying yourself a private number plate of course. It would appear some people feel less guilty about indulging in personal gifts at this time of year. If you are spending your hard earned money on presents for family and friends, why not treat yourself at the same time?

We have over 3,000 quality private plates available for sale on our website right now. Click over to the browse page and see if there are any registrations that would make a fantastic gift for someone you love.