Number Plates Spotting is Alive & Well

As a number plate dealer I haven’t always been made to feel welcome in some car related forums. I am almost as passionate about cars as I am about private number plates, but certain owners’ clubs forums seem to take a dislike to my profession. I saw one comment which likened number plate dealers to estate agents and solicitors referring to us as ‘necessary evils’.

Then I was pointed in the direction of the Piston Heads website. I had heard of Piston Heads, but just thought of it as a posh alternative to the Auto Trader website. I remember by brother buying his BMW M3 from a seller on Piston Heads. He explained it to me as the place where enthusiasts who have taken good care of their cars offer them for sale.

I discovered there is a lot more to the Piston Heads website than I originally thought. As a result I have become addicted to the forums section. The threads which (according to my wife) I am spending far too much time reading and contributing to include; ‘Spotted! Real Rubbish Chav Number Plates’, ‘Real Good Number Plates’ and one of my favourites; ‘The BAD PARKING Thread’.

The ‘Real Good Number Plates’ thread features photos and comments about attractive number plates that have been spotted on cars up and down the country. There does however seem to be a bit of confusion as to what constitutes a ‘good’ number plate and what qualifies a plate to be classed as ‘chavtastic’.

One of the most pleasing aspects for me is that number plate dealers are most certainly welcome. The good news is we do not seem to be treated differently to anyone else. I am tempted to upgrade my trusty Nokia 6310 mobile phone and buy a new mobile phone with photo taking capabilities. Then I too can join in with the photographing of cars and their number plates and better contribute to the forums. I am pleased to report that number plates spotting is alive and well!