The Latest Number Plates News from Simply Registrations

Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently, it has been all go at Simply Registrations. If you prefer short and sweet news updates rather than our lengthy blog posts, you can follow @JamesSaperia on Twitter for regular motoring and car registration news updates.

Sales of private number plates have been healthy in the past few weeks. Our latest VAT quarter ended on 30th September and we managed to complete the sales of both 7 CJN and 9 BJR just before the deadline. Other notable registration sales from stock include 10 BAS, 5 JDF and 97 GB. We are now eagerly looking for quality personalised plates to buy for stock and have offers pending. The one I really want to buy is a rare single-digit ‘SG’ registration from the 1920’s. We have made a strong offer which should result in a deal being concluded shortly.

The majority of our sales enquiries arrive as emails and also via the contact form on the website. As a consequence a large chunk of our marketing budget is now spent keeping the website up-to-date and making improvements where necessary. We recently upgraded our hosting package which should mean a much faster browsing experience for all of our website visitors.

Simply Registrations sales flyer

We are also very fortunate to receive quite a lot of business by way of recommendation. Many of our happy clients have friends and associates on the lookout for unique personalised number plates. To help spread the word we have just had some new promotional flyers printed as they seem to get a better response than simply handing out business cards. If you would like a few flyers to handout to your friends or customers please get in touch.

It has been a long time since Simply Registrations paid for any advertisements in printed media such as car magazines or motoring sections of newspapers. However, there are some cracking rates available on advertising space right now. We have taken a half-page advert in Top Marques Magazine which will be on sale from the 23rd of October. Rather than just listing columns of registrations in tiny print, we have tried to make our advert a little bit different with the aim of attracting visitors to our website. Pick up a copy of Top Marques Magazine in a couple of weeks time and let us know what you think.

We are also working on a press release which highlights the power of networking and referrals in business. The sale of the private number plate 7 CLS to a partner in an accountancy firm in South Yorkshire led to several new clients being introduced to Simply Registrations. Subsequently three South Yorkshire based business owners have now added the finishing touch to their cars (with our help of course) and a new working relationship with a prestige car retailer has been formed. The first joint-deal with the car retailer was completed a couple of weeks ago when a customer asked for her new Bentley to be supplied complete with private number plates. It is great when local businesses combine for mutual benefit and more importantly for the benefit of their clients.


There is one other significant update to make you aware of in this blog post. We have been asked to locate buyers for two very exclusive personalised registrations; 1 REG and VKY 1. If you happen to know a Reg or a Vicky with a desire to make their cars stand out from the crowd, please point them in our direction. VKY 1 is very sensibly priced and is already attracting interest. The owner of 1 REG is not in a particular hurry to sell but will listen to close offers.

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