We Buy Private Number Plates

Do you have a private number plate to sell?

Please read the following information carefully to get an understanding of what we buy (and what we don’t buy) for stock.

At Simply Registrations we primarily buy and sell high-value, dateless registrations with a retail value of more than £5,000.

We are always interested in hearing about any dateless registrations such as:
73 JS, 85 PK, 7 RCH or 79 SL.

We are keen buyers of top quality registrations with as few characters as possible.
Please get in touch straight away if you are selling a cherished registration similar to:
5 DH, JH 3, MC 6 or 22 S.

We don’t buy prefix registrations such as:
A15 GDT, B7 GUM, K19 SLB or J30 REP.

We also don’t buy current-style registrations similar to:
RO13 UST, WE51 ONE, FR11 NGE or PO13 SCH.

If you have a prefix or current-style plate to sell, you may want to read:
How to sell a private number plate.

Outright or immediate sale
Selling your registration to us for our stock is different to selling your registration on a commission basis. If we buy your private plate for stock you will receive payment as soon as the transfer is processed by DVLA – typically within 24 hours if it is already held on retention. This option is great for anyone who needs the money quickly and accepts the cash-in value of their plate is going to be a lot less than its true market value or retail price.

Commission sale or agency basis
If you have an attractive private number plate to sell and you want to achieve the best possible price, you may want to consider offering it for sale on a commission basis. We still prefer quality registrations regardless of whether we are buying outright or selling on a commission or agency basis, so the no ‘prefix’ or ‘current-style’ plate rule still applies. We will list your plate for sale on the Simply Registrations website and may include it in our full-page advertisements in several motoring magazines. There are no upfront fees and we only earn our commission when a buyer completes the purchase. The image below shows a recent full-page advert from Autocar magazine.

Autocar 4thFeb 2015