What is the new DVLA Integrated Enquiries Platform?

As many readers will be aware, the DVLA are currently developing and introducing new digital platforms in an effort to streamline their services and improve processes. One such digital system is the new Integrated Enquiries Platform, or IEP, which is being designed to make car insurance quotations much quicker and allow UK drivers to access details held about them without needing to deal directly with the DVLA. With the capacity to handle heavy traffic (pardon the pun), the IEP will provide a central enquiry platform which can also be used by approved organisations and the public sector.

How will the IEP help drivers looking to renew their insurance?

motorist obtaining car insurance quote

The IEP will hold up-to-date information on every licensed driver, including their full driving history, which will eliminate the need to provide this information to insurance companies every time you request a quotation. With this central point of reference, insurers will be able to supply prospective customers with a more efficient service and more accurate quotes, while simultaneously stopping less honest individuals from applying with false information – hopefully leading to safer roads and enhanced protection for everyone.

In addition to the above, the IEP also means that you’ll be able to check details for your own reference; you’ll be able to make sure that the DVLA has the right address for you and if you have any penalties on your licence.

Is your data safe?

With any complex digital system, the real challenge is always going to be keeping such a large amount of data safe – and it’s only natural that some drivers will be feeling a little uncomfortable about the possibility of unauthorised individuals being able to access their personal details. With strict rules governing the sharing of confidential data, it’s vital that the DVLA ensure that this aspect of the system is robust and reliable.

With that said however, such a large organisation will be well aware of dangers and the DVLA have offered the reassurance that strict data controls will be in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Of course there are other concerns that could come to the fore too; hackers breaking their way into the system or the discovery that your details haven’t been uploaded correctly – which could subsequently inflate your insurance quotes. Hopefully, with the IEP being subject to rigorous user testing before its roll-out, all of these worries will be allayed and this new digital platform will prove to be a positive experience all round.