Which Registrations Dealer Sells Private Number Plates at the Lowest Price?

If you have a quick look at several of our competitors’ websites right now you will see a handful of cherished registration dealers claiming to sell the lowest price private number plates in the industry. Statements such as; ‘we will not be beaten on price’, or ‘we offer a price promise guarantee’ and even ‘we are cheaper than the DVLA’ are there to encourage you to stop searching and to make your purchase there and then.

The simple fact is; one private number plate company cannot always be the lowest on price for every single registration that they are advertising for sale. In a bid to make the situation a little more transparent for any potential buyers out there, I am going to explain how to obtain the private number plates you desire at best possible price.

To start off you need to understand the makeup of the different types of registrations that are generally being offered for sale on most dealer websites, including the Simply Registrations website.

Stock registrations are owned by the dealer or company and are part of their own portfolio. The dealer bought the registration outright and owns the rights to it.

As an example; Simply Registrations has the rights to the registration mark 9 MSC. If you were to go via another company to buy the private number plate 9 MSC, they would first have to buy it from us. For this reason no other dealer can supply this particular registration mark at a lower price than Simply Registrations.

Registrations belonging to trade-only suppliers are also circulated amongst certain number plate dealers. Some trade-only suppliers have hundreds of registrations for sale. They are not interested in dealing with the retail client, maintaining a website or answering telephone calls on a daily basis. They prefer to offer their stock exclusively to number plate dealers who deal with the general public. The selling dealer earns a commission on any completed sales.

To demonstrate this point; the personalised registration 58 T is for sale on the Simply Registrations website. It belongs to a trade supplier who distributes a list of their stock registrations among the more prominent plate dealers. You will find 58 T listed on at least ten other dealer websites and it may even be included in newspaper and motoring magazine advertisements. While we do not own the rights to the private number plate 58 T we are confident we can supply and transfer it to your car at the lowest possible price.

How can we make such a claim? Simple, we have possibly the lowest overheads in the industry and therefore do not need to put a huge sales commission on top of the price being asked by the trade supplier. Other companies with low overheads may just be able to match our price, but they certainly can’t beat it and we are confident the service you receive will justify your decision to buy from Simply Registrations.

Government stock or DVLA Personalised Registrations are re-sold by lots of number plate dealers. When buying a DVLA registration it is not just the purchase price that you need to be aware of, you also should consider future administration fees and associated products you are forced to buy as part of the transaction. If you have the option of buying a registration direct from the DVLA website it is usually the best way to go about it.

To summarise, the same company cannot be the cheapest supplier of all registrations. If you are buying a registration which is part of a dealer’s stock portfolio, you need to go direct to the dealer who owns the rights to that plate to get the best possible price. At Simply Registrations when you enquire about any of the number plates we are offering for sale, we will always be open with you and let you know if the registration is our own stock, or whether we are selling it on behalf of a client or a third party. We aim to provide you with the lowest price private number plates whenever we can, but we are honest enough to admit that we won’t be the cheapest every time.