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Private number plates are the accessory of choice for many motorists when deciding how to add the finishing touch to their cars. Number plates have been in use on the roads of Great Britain for over a century. They became a compulsory requirement following the introduction of the Motor Car Act 1903. However, several decades after the introduction of the new law, some motorists were buying cars and motorbikes purely for their unique registrations. Rather than thinking of registrations as mandatory identification markers which had to be displayed on a vehicle, a small number of motorists were acquiring cars purely for their distinctive registrations which often had some personal relevance to the purchaser.

This shift in thinking meant that values started to be attributed to certain very desirable combinations; particularly registrations which contained the single number 1. The idea of buying and selling attractive vehicle registrations had caught the attention of a few shrewd individuals and in the 1970’s a small number of cherished number plate dealers had set up in business. The amounts being exchanged for these so-called personalised registrations were not astronomical. A set of three initials with the number 1 could be bought for just a few hundred pounds.

Fast forward four decades and demand for personalised registration plates is still incredibly strong. As long as human beings continue to own motor vehicles, the desire to stand out amongst the crowd will remain. Eye-catching registration plates can be spotted on the vehicles of accomplished and experienced drivers, right through to motorists who have just passed their driving test.

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At Simply Registrations we prefer the personal touch. Although you cannot buy online via our website, we do list a small selection of private number plates for sale on eBay in the Cherished Numbers section. If you prefer to buy online, let us know which personalised plate you want to secure and we will gladly include it in our eBay listings for you.

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