Why Does The Same Number Plate Show Up in Different Adverts?

One of the most popular number plate questions we get asked is:

“How come I sometimes see the same registration number being offered for sale by two or three different companies?”

A slight variation of the question relates to the same number plate being included on several number plate dealers’ websites. There are two possible explanations.

Let us use one of our own stock registrations as an example. The private number plate 9 MSC is owned by Simply Registrations. We are currently offering 9 MSC for sale at £8,800 plus VAT and transfer fees.

If you have a look around you will also see 9 MSC is listed on other number plate dealers’ websites and probably in a few newspaper adverts as well. This is because we send out a list containing all of all the registrations we own, to the majority of the other number plate dealers. The other dealers have an opportunity to sell the registration and earn a sales commission.

If you are interested in buying the number plate 9 MSC, your aim is to find out which dealer actually owns the registration. This way you can buy your personalised number plate at the lowest possible price and deal direct with the owner.

Some people are surprised to learn that number plate dealers buy and sell amongst one another. Competition is still fierce within the industry, however we are quite a civilised bunch and sometimes it makes sense for all parties concerned (especially the client) for us to work together.

There is another scenario which also results in several number plate dealers offering the same number plate for sale. This is when the registration is owned by a private individual.

Let’s take Phoebe Nicholson an example. Phoebe owns the number plate 80 PN but will be changing her name to Phoebe Smith when she marries in a few weeks time. Phoebe asks several number plate dealers to find a buyer for her number plate.

The number plate dealers will offer 80 PN for sale on their websites and some may include it in their newspaper or magazine advertisements. This is why you may see 80 PN being offered for sale by more than one dealer and quite often at varying prices.

It is a bit like offering your house for sale, but rather than approaching just one estate agent, you ask several estate agents to market your house in an attempt to find a buyer. Each agent will have an opinion on what your house is worth and will offer it for sale based upon their valuation.

Incidentally if you have an interest in either 9 MSC or 80 PN call James on 0113 288 7553. At the time of writing, both of these private number plates are part of our stock so we guarantee you will not find them at a better price anywhere else.