Replacement Vehicle Registration Numbers

In a previous blog post we covered how to retain a personalised number plate. It prompted a number of questions regarding replacement registration numbers. Some people were asking; do I have to buy a replacement registration number from the DVLA?

When you apply to retain your personalised registration, the DVLA will automatically issue a replacement registration for your vehicle. It is generally an age-related plate and is non-transferable.

JDR6 VW TouranThe best way to explain the procedure is to use an example. I own a VW Touran which has the personalised plates JDR 6. If I apply to transfer or retain JDR 6, the DVLA will issue an appropriate replacement registration for the VW Touran as part of the process.

As the vehicle was first registered in June 2006, the DVLA would issue a ’56’ registration as a replacement. It is highly likely that the Touran would be reunited with its original registration; FL56 XOY. There are no additional fees to pay to the DVLA for your replacement registration.

After your application has been dealt with you will receive a new V5C Registration Certificate (log book) showing the allocated registration. You can use the V5C Registration Certificate as proof of entitlement when you buy a set of replacement number plates for your vehicle. You should contact your motor insurer, tracker provider & recovery agent (AA/RAC/Green Flag) to notify them of the vehicle’s new registration mark.

I hope this clears up any confusion surrounding replacement registration numbers when applying to retain or transfer a personalised number plate.

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  1. James Saperia
    James Saperia says:

    Hi Steve, You need to try and get hold of the current V5C log book for the car you have part-exchanged. I assume the car still has your private plate attached? DVLA only issue a replacement registration if someone applies to retain the existing private plate.

  2. Steve
    Steve says:

    Hi James,
    Apologies if you’ve answered this before. I’ve part ex my car THEN realised I needed to retain the plate. Didn’t think it through! I’m in no rush to assign it to the new car but am in a rush to collect it! If dvla re assign the cars old regards number, can I get away with using the old log book with the original number on?
    I’m guessing no but am hoping I can!

    Thank you

  3. Graham
    Graham says:

    Hi James, thank you for this article.

    Just a quick question – I purchased a car which came with standard license plates. I subsequently put my private registration onto the car.

    I’m now looking to purchase a new car and wish to remove my private Reg from the car and return the original standard license plates onto the car prior to it being sold.

    When I request to retain my private Reg on the DVLA website, will the original standard license plate then become the registered registration for the car or is this a separate process?

    Many thanks,

  4. James Saperia
    James Saperia says:

    Hi Lee, Yes you can retain the car’s original registration as long as it doesn’t state ‘non-transferable registration mark’ in the notes section on the front cover of the V5C Registration Certificate. The fee payable to DVLA is £80 whenever you wish to separate and retain a registration from a vehicle. A replacement, age-related registration will always be issued by DVLA as part of the retention process.

  5. lee
    lee says:

    Hi James,I’m in the process of buying a private plate for my car,I think my cars original plate is worth something and was wandering can I retain and sell my original plate from my car,and will this cost me £80 to do so,then I will add my private plate and when I eventually come to removing my private plate from my car do I need to pay a further £80 to retain it,and will I still be assigned a new same year replacement plate to put back on my car,Thankyou Lee

  6. James Saperia
    James Saperia says:

    Hi Ted, If your application to retain your plate online is successful, your car will immediately be allocated an age-related registration. You are instructed by DVLA to change your number plates as soon as possible. When you fit replacement number plates to your car please notify your motor insurer/tracker provider/recovery organisation. If you are part-exchanging your car you will need the replacement V5C (log book) which usually arrives two days after a successful online retention application is completed.

  7. Ted
    Ted says:

    Hi James if I retain my personal number plate by filling in the form online will the personal number plate still be valid and ok to use on my car on the road till i pick up my new car at the weekend or will car revert back to the existing number plates if the latter i guess i will have to notify my insurance company or change of number plates? Thank you

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